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Video editor/trimming/syncing clips in one place

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EDIT/ TRIM Update! 💥Specifc Instructions💥 So I found a work around for trimming/syncing clips in one set. 
Buckle up! 
●1st restart your phone OR close all apps bc it'll say "apps running in background" and it won't work Okay! Let's begin 
●Go to gallery app (white flower with dark pink back ground) 
●At the very bottom of the screen beside "stories" click the 3 stacked lines 
●Click "Videos" Click on the 3 dots in the top right corner and select "EDIT" 
●Long press the video/videos you want to select ●Click "create" at the bottom
●Then select "movie" 
●Lightly tap the video clip and trim, click in bottom space to unselect the clip 
●To add the Same OR Different video to the clip, click on the white box with the plus sign located to the left 
●Select image/video 
●Select what you want 
●Lightly tap on vid clip and trim like before
●You can long press to rearrange clip order 
●Once satisfied, click out of trim 
●Click DONE at the top right 
●Click save video like old times but MUCH LONGER.🙄 
Hopefully this helps!😉 
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@Ashleaves Or you can:

  1. Open the Gallery App
  2. Click the hamburger (3 stacked lines) menu
  3. Click Go to Studio
  4. Click Start new project. 
  5. Add videos and photos to your project. Then you can trim, rearrange, etc.