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Virtual Assistant suggestions

(Topic created: 06-02-2021 03:16 AM)
Galaxy S21

Hey Samsung,

Like a lot of other people on the internet, I've seen the "leaked" images of the Samsung Virtual Assistant; Sam. I've also read that that was like a concept. Not something that was necessarily intended for actual implementation. I also know that there was a Project NEON that was in development. 
Now I don't know if those two things are, or could be, related. But if we don't receive a NEON virtual assistant on our smartphones, could you at least make the Samsung Sam virtual assistant a reality? Even if it it were in the Tips and Help menu or on display devices. She could show the user how to perform different tasks; what they look like in the real world and on the phone. 
For example, she could demonstrate how to use Single Take Mode. Displaying the screen of the phone and showing her actually tapping on the necessary buttons to get to that feature. Then you could zoom out and show her physically turning around or walking around, pointing the camera at a small dog doing tricks. Zoom back into the screen and showing the results in the Gallery.
Another example could be a video of her explaining how Samsung Knox works. She could explain it in a very rudimentary way, so that everyone that may not know, or understand, technical terms can understand how exactly it works behind the scenes. Because people still believe that Apple has the highest security in the mobile industry. 
It would be a missed opportunity for you to not use something that could be very beneficial. A lot of consumers need that type of visual aid to understand their phones. Especially when they don't have a real person to go to in order to learn how to use their device. Samsung Sam could help a lot of people and could also be a reason they continue to stick with Samsung devices in the future.
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