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Voice recorder file location?

(Topic created: 12-04-2021 08:23 AM)
Cosmic Ray
Galaxy S21
According to my Galaxy S21 Ultra I have 516 voice recorder files. These are filling up my phone I have just a couple gigs of space left. I want to move them to my computer but when I connect to my computer and go into the voice recorder folder there are only about 1 54 of them there and all the other folders on my phone say they're empty or only have a couple megabytes worth of information. I do not know where the other 400 files are and I cannot seem to find them.  Ps21 Ultra of course has no external storage so they're not on an SD card anywhere, they are hidden or randomly set around my phone maybe? Any suggestions or help would be great. Thank you.all!
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Galaxy S21
Open Voice Recording app
Tap on List to see the list of recordings.
Pick a recording you can not find.

Recording may auto-play, simply stop it

Tap three dot menu upper right and choose Details.

"Path" entry will show where it's physically stored.

I've noticed on my phone, the location of the recordings are not consistent, for whatever reason