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Voice to text

(Topic created: 08-25-2021 06:55 PM)
Galaxy S21
Please speed up the feature that supports different languages in voice to text. I used to be able to speak Vietnamese to the phone to text my friends when using the S10 phone. Now I'm upgrading my phone to S21 to encounter a huge setback: non-English languages are not supported yet!!! 
Come on Samsung! You need to speed up the development and catch up with yourself. It's very annoying to upgrade your phone and lose the features you've been using!!!
Customers upgrade their phones to get more features, not less!!!
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Galaxy S21
Yes it is very annoying when you upgrade your phone and your new phone has not caught up with everything that your old phone has. I used voice to text all the time and in some apps it works okay and in other apps it's lacking. Good luck