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WHY are some gaming apps not reacting to Dolby Atmos OR Sound Assistant?

(Topic created: 08-05-2022 06:58 PM)
Galaxy S21
This is infuriating. I play two games mainly which is Roblox and Cookie Run Kingdom. Roblox has issues where Sound Assistant doesn't work and I can't adjust the volume level for that specific app when I have another app playing something. I can ONLY mute or have it on FULL blast. 

I use to give it a pass since it's not optimized for Androids and chalked it up to the multiple developers for the games made on there.

Well, I recently downloaded Cookie Run Kingdom (A SOUTH KOREAN GAME mind you) and it worked perfectly fine. I haven't updated or anything. Next thing I know? I go to adjust the volume and SAME THING is happening. I also found out that Dolby Atmos and other options have ZERO effect on these games. 

Wanna know the odder part? There are many other older games as well as apps that are also newer that are working just fine.

I have tried literally everything. I deleted the storage for Sound Assistant, the apps in question, restarted my phone, tried repairing the apps, and tried deleting my phone cache. NOTHING has worked. Seriously, I am just so tired of this as I have had numerous issues that are just frustrating at this point so sorry if its ranty. Thanks (coming from a Samsung Galaxy S21 ULTRA this is disappointing to say the least *sigh*)
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