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What are your views on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus mobile phone?

(Topic created: 07-13-2022 03:38 AM)
Galaxy S21


S21 is Samsung latest flagship phone in the market and in my opinion it is arguably best android smartphone that you can get right now.

If I talk about how it differs from other galaxy phones it has better processor, camera and you can also get an span as an optional accessory which you could only get in note series.

Samsung has moved from curved displays from last year to flat displays in latest s21.  It can be good and bad depending on your personal preference.

But screen resolution has been brought down from last year's but it is not noticeable to naked eyes but Samsung did it to bring costs down I think.

It also has new color options such as phantom black color which looks great in my opinion.

It will cost you whopping 82,000 rupees in India and 999 dollars in United States but it is 200 dollar cheaper than last year s20.

One thing I didn't like though is that Samsung has given polycarbonate back which is ridiculous at this price point.


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