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Why can't I get my phone?

(Topic created on: 4/14/21 8:15 PM)
Galaxy S21

Why oh why can I not get my Samsung S21 Ultra phone? I've been holding out for years with my old S8 and finally decided to take the plunge and get a new one. Picked the S21 Ultra 256gb.  First found that I could get a grand total of $35 trade in from ATT for my existing phone. Start looking for a deal and there were none. Finally decided to order from Samsung who gave me the best deal and more on a trade in.  I picked the options and went thru the ordering process smoothly. Placed the order - no prob. Got an email a bit later saying that unfortunately Samsung did not have the phone and there would be a delay. They did not bother to tell me this while ordering - only after I had placed my order. The expected delivery date was about a month away. I tried to call .. good look with that. I gave up. I wasn't happy but kept the order. What's funny is that the order shows 'Expedited' give me a break. I logged in last week to check on ther order only to discover my expected delivery date had changed to almost 1 month later. I had waited about 3 weeks only for them to change the date as my original date was getting closer. I started looking on the internet to see if anybody was experiencing this from this company I used to respect. I found nothing. How could it be? I'm the only one experiencing this incompetence from this company? Finally tonight I logged onto the Samsung site - community forum and found that there were many others with the same issue i'm having. More people need to hear about what's going on. I've seen posts where  people tried to cancel their order and was told they could not and would have to reject the shipment when it arrived etc.  So what does that mean. If they decid to get a phone somewhere else  Samsung will still charge them for this order even though they are wanting to cancel it?  First .. how about removing advertisements for a product that you don't have. Second if you don't have it -  let people know when they order it.  3rd - if people want to cancel - make it easy.  The customer service is horrid. That's typical in today's world. I thought Xfinity was the worst but Samsung gives them a run for the money. I've always stayed away from Apple - Iphones but I have to admit i'm strongly considering making the change. Very disappointed in Samsung and the way this has all been handled.

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