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Why don't my speakers work?

(Topic created on: 1/23/21 8:52 AM)
Galaxy S21



I have a new Samsung Galaxy A21S (not sure which forum to post in as there was no forum for this model?) and I notice it will not connect with my old plug-in speaker (which works with literally everything) nor my little bluetooth waterproof Rokpod speaker (which is similarly reliable but, when plugged in, crackles constantly).

Considering the fact that playing music is one of the top priorities for my phone, I'm pretty disgusted and would be horrified to hear that I had to buy a special speaker just because the company wants to make money out of me (like Apple).

Is this the case or is there a way that I can get these speakers to work?  Is there some setting I'm not able to find yet?

Many thanks for any advice.

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