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is anyone else having trouble purchasing S21 from samsung website?

(Topic created: 07-14-2021 06:52 PM)
Galaxy S21

I am trying to trade in my Note 10 to upgrade to S21 Ultra but i can't even pay for it even using multiple different payment sources.

Tried to pay using Affirm (Try before Buy and then pay in 3 installments) and I get "
Card not supported for trade-in transaction" even though Affirm has sent me an approval email. I didn't even use my card with Affirm, I have my actual bank account linked to it?

Tried to pay using Samsung Financing which I already have a TD Bank set up and have used it to purchase a Note 10 and a S8 in the past and it is not processing as well.

I also tried MULTIPLE computers and Samsung Shop app. Nope.

Why does Samsung not want my money??

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