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is the preinstalled screen protector removable?

(Topic created on: 2/17/21 9:10 PM)
Galaxy S21

everything i see on the internet tells me the s21 doesn't come with a screen protector but upon closer inspection there is definitely a shield preinstalled on my s21 5g. my question is it removable? i purchased my own protector and would like to know do i put it over top or does it come off? i would normally just assume it is removable but after the fiasco with the galaxy fold i figured i would ask first

(i put it over top cause i am not sure but i would like to remove them both to add tempered glass next week, hope the bottom one that was installed by samsung canada is removable but will wait for an answer before i do anything)

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Galaxy S21
https://youtu.be/Y4wrxLVs3eU there is a screen protector its really hard to see video bye jerry rig everything 1:47 seconds in