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outgoing phone calls give no ringtone when wearing a hearing aid

(Topic created: 08-16-2022 12:53 AM)
Galaxy S21
I've posted it so that I would like to get any help from you.  
my customer is using a galaxy S21 and she is using a Oticon hearing aids (built-in ASHA protocol). 
She can listen to answer the phone, music through her hearing aids well! 
But there is only one problem which is outgoing phone calls give no ringtone and only when a voice answers will she know the call has gone through. 
She has the latest OS version and the latest hearing aid. I already did everything according to manufacture's guideline. But they didn't work. 
Is there anything I can help for them? (ex. alter some phone settings etc.) 
If there is someone who experiences like me, please let me know how to solve this problem.  
Thank you and have a nice day! 
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