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phone still slightly damaged with case on; is this normal?(otterbox)

(Topic created: 05-26-2021 12:38 AM)
Galaxy S21

so I have the otterbox symmetry case for the standard s21 and have the otterbox symmetry case which I bought used in "like new" condition. I noticed recently my phone had a very mild "scuff" (wear/Crack whatever you wanna call it) on the corner outer bezel. Today I dropped my phone on the concrete sidewalk in it's symmetry otterbox case and the same area managed to get cracked a bit. does that mean my case is in defective condition and not properly doing its job? or did I just not get a sturdy enough case for my phone? is this normal?

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If the case is cracked it's performance will be degraded as evidenced by the phone damage in the area of the cracked case.  Time for a new case.

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