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usable case?

(Topic created on: 5/7/21 9:00 PM)
Galaxy S21

I just got my S21-plus and I'm enjoying it so far.

The only major problem seems to be the case. With my Samsung accessories bonus credit, I got Samsung's own leather cover. It's pretty terrible; the leather is very smooth, so I don't have a good grip on the phone.

Worse, tho, is that the USB C port opening is quite small, so none of my USB cables fit into it. The only connector that fits is on the USB-C cable that came in the box with the phone. Even the cable on the 45 Watt Fast Charger from Samsung itself doesn't fit correctly.

It's frustrating to drop a grand on a phone and have such simple problems with it. I don't want to shop for small USB cables or worry about what fits and what doesn't.

Can anyone recommend a case that has a usable USB C opening? My previous phone had a case from carved.com, which I loved -- do their cases have more sensible sizing?

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