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Camera Feature Request: Full Range of ISO & Shutter Speed when Setting Manually & Faster Shutter Spe

(Topic created: 08-06-2022 09:41 PM)
Galaxy S22

<span;>Issue & Request 1: 3 of the four rear-facing cameras are capable of capturing images with an ISO value below 50 (ultrawide=50; wide=12; telephoto & super-telephoto both=40). These values are achievable when ISO is set to "auto" only. However, when using "Pro" shooting mode (or when using Samsung's "Camera Raw" App) and manually adjusting ISO, the selectable ISO value is limited to a minimum of 50 for all cameras. The same is true of the minimum (fastest) available shutter speeds when setting manually, which can be set to a minimum time-value of 1/12,000th of a second. When using the camera in auto mode, faster shutter speeds are possible. While there exists a sort of "workaround" to achieve a desired ISO value for a given shutter speed, by keeping ISO set to auto and changing the "EV" value, this should not be required to achieve the lowest ISO value when shooting using manual settings. In addition, the minimum/fastest shutter speed should be selectable from manual mode, not only achievable when the camera's parameters are set automatically. So my request is that the full range of the cameras ISO and Shutter Speed values be able to be set manually from Pro shooting mode.



<span;>Additionally, I noticed that even with fully auto shooting, the fastest shutter speed achievable with my new S22 Ultra, is far slower than with my old S20 Ultra 5G. While shooting very bright objects with my S20 Ultra 5G (such as a light bulb, or the sun), I was able to achieve incredible images with shutter speeds (as revealed by looking at the image details, after shooting), with shutter speeds faster than 1/120,000ths (one one-hundred-twenty-thousandth of a second). This was only achievable when the camera was in standard "Photo" shooting mode, and all settings were auto. However, even though the Image sensor, SoC and IPU are all improved over the S20 Ultra 5G in the S22 Ultra, I can't seem to shoot images with a shutter speed that is much shorter (faster) than one twelve-thousandth of a second— that is OVER 100X slower than my S20 Ultra 5G was capable of. That is an extremely significant downgrade. While I understand that image processing is limited by the IPU and SoC, all should be capable of achieving the same shutter speeds as was possible in my old S20 Ultra 5G, so this is clearly a software limitation. Therefore, please enable the full capabilities of the camera, as to allow the ultra-fast (virtual) shutter speeds I could achieve with my old Samsung device.




<span;>In summary:


<span;>1. Enable full manual control of complete ISO range, as defined by sensor.


<span;>2. Enable full shutter speed range in manual control.


<span;>3. Enable full potential of hardware capability by allowing shutter speeds in the sub-hundreth of a second range, which was achievable on the S20 Ultra 5G.




<span;>*Of additional concern is that photos taken in 108MP mode, even when using full digital zoom, are still saved in 12000x9000 resolution. Obviously this means the image is upconverted, as the image sensor only has 108 megapixels on it, so by definition, digital zoom would result in images with lower resolution. The same goes for the other lenses, when in normal mode, that save 12mp images even when full digital zoom is used (4000x3000 pixels). Obviously this means they are upcomverted. Save the image in the amount of pixels captured, do not unnecessarily upconvert to 12MP when obviously the data is not there. That is not pixel binning, it is a blantant lie.












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Galaxy S22
Slow shutter speeds have always been Samsung camera's Achilles Heel. Instead of working on 200MP cameras maybe the focus should be on mobile cameras that can capture moving subjects like kids and animals without blur.