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Camera Lens Coating on next flagship screen

(Topic created: 07-17-2022 06:47 AM)
Galaxy S22
I was thinking, any chance Samsung can apply the coating they use on the camera lenses of the S22 ultra on the S23 ultra screen? (maybe pass this on?)

the coating Samsung uses on the camera lenses of the S22 ultra is remarkable at resisting scratches and I personally feel like it would add tons of value to your next flagship phone to apply it to the entire screen.
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Galaxy S22
This is just a community of everyday galaxy users like you. We don't work for samsung. I'm not sure where. But there is a place that you can leave feedback for samsung devices.

I can see using the coating for the cameras,because if it gets scratched then it's kind of game over forthe photos.
I could see it being nice for the screen too, but I would guess it saves a fair amount of money by not.

Maybe if the S23 Ultra doesn't come with a screen,the you don't have to worry about it!