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Cellular Connection Issues Fix - S22 Ultra

(Topic created: 04-11-2024 06:47 AM)
Galaxy S22

Samsung, please do not delete this post, be transparent.

I've read many forums regarding spotty issues with cellular connection, while it may have been assumed to be a software issue, I believe it is a problem with the charging port assembly. I was lucky enough to read a comment on a deleted post saying that was the only fix. I went ahead and did a self repair myself swapping out my charging/sim card assembly (mind you I'm on esim) and my connection issues are no more! What has been popularly believed, myself included, was a software issue may be short lifespan charging assemblies. The fix was relatively easy, the toughest part is prying the back part of the phone. 
Again, if you're experiencing spotty and dead signal issues, a charging port assembly replacement may be your solution!
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