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Dead pixel on S22 Ultra

(Topic created: 09-23-2023 04:33 PM)
Galaxy S22
I have a dead pixel spot on my galaxy s22 ultra.

I have been trying to speak with support but they have given me lot of pain.

I went to ubreakfix but they doesn't have the part to replace.

Also samsungs mail in service takes times like 15+ days to ship the phone back after repair.

At the last support of Sam's has told me to get the loaner phone my carrier i.e tmobile.

I would like to know if loaner phone se free or not?

Support says it is but I don't think it will be as why would tmbile give me a free phone until my phone gets repaired and it's Shipped back to me.

Have someone used loaner phone mean while the phone is under repair and back?

Samsung has been really disappointing and gave given lot of pain in this case.

It's Samsung mistake if their in mail service sucks

It's Samsung mistaken if their authorized dealers does not have parts for replacement. 

They should provide an exception in this case and should have provided the replacement. 

I wastes lot of time chutting and speaking with Samsung support. 

Priya my last Samsung product.
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Samsung has never issued replacement phones for customers who are having their phones serviced. There is currently a nationwide shortage of parts for flagship models, so you're not the only person in this position. If T-Mobile is completely unwilling to do anything for you, they truly have gone downhill after their merger with Sprint. They used to be slightly better than other carriers, especially with customer related issues like these. I can't believe there isn't a promotion happening for a free phone when certain conditions are met. They always have those.
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I also have dead pixels on my phone around the camera. Did a search online with lots phones with the same issue, including a S23 Ultra at the T-Mobile store itself