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Disappointed with S22 Ultra (Camera, battery)

(Topic created: 07-04-2022 12:57 AM)
Galaxy S22


I've been trying to find some answers in the previous posts, but it has not really helped much.

So I got my S22 Ultra phone 2 weeks ago (had Huawei P30 Pro before) and I thought that now it will be a better camera and battery life...

Regarding the camera, yeah pixels and zoom in quality is better, but what is wrong with the colors? How do I get them right? Most of the time I am taking photos of my cat (white and beige with bright blue eyes), and in most of the pictures his white fur turns out blue. Sometimes it is as if some blue watercolor spots were painted on. Never had this issue with Huawei camera. Usually I edit the photos with some simple editing apps on my phone, 1minute editing and I get the results I want, but now because I need to get rid of this blue fur, meanwhile keeping his eye color blue, I will probably need to learn how to edit this kind of photos, find and pay for some more advanced apps (because with the apps I am used to I just can't get them right) and I will spend a lot more time editing them. Is there something wrong with the camera settings or what is it? They look blue on other devices as well, so not the display fault.

And what is wrong with battery? Seems to be all the same settings as I had on my Huawei phone, same usage, but need to charge more often.

Even though there are some cool features on this phone, overall so far I honestly regret buying this phone and just want to continue using my Huawei. Help?



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