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Encrypted SD Card moved before decryption

(Topic created: 02-17-2023 10:16 AM)
Galaxy S22

Hey All

I've been googling this and can't see to find a proper answer.

I upgraded from an Note 20 Ultra 5G (has an SD card slot) to an S22 Ultra (sadly no SD card slot). I had forgotten that I had encryption on for the old phone.

I copied all the files off of the SD card that I wanted to keep (photos and videos mostly) and then just deleted all the files off the SD card (not formatted). Then I moved all these files to the new phone to the appropriate folders. Of course, these files all look fine until I try to open anything it all appears to be corrupted.

So I have the original SD card that I can scan with a file recovery and see all the files and I have the source encrypted files. I have not written anything to the SD card, so high probability of recovery.


My assumption is that I need to determine which file(s) are needed for the Note 20 Ultra 5G to decrypt the SD card and toss those file(s) as well as the files I want to recover (decrypt) all on an SD card, pop that in the Note 20 Ultra 5G and decrypt or use the phone to get those files off the card properly.


Thoughts? Advice?


Thanks in advance!!


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Community Manager
Galaxy S22

Hello, We understand it can be frustrating switching your files to a new phone. The data on the SD card would need to be decrypted on the Note20 before transferring to the S22 Ultra.

You can find more information on the process here: https://www.samsung.com/ca/support/mobile-devices/galaxy-a70-encryption-and-decryption/ (Although, the article is for an international A70, the information regarding encryption and decryption also apply for your devices.)