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Feedback to devs

(Topic created: 04-26-2022 10:48 AM)
Galaxy S22

please back 3.5jack on galaxy S models...
pro musicians need use it with IEM monitors, and use adapter is sucks...

and also we dont really need too much cameras. give us 50mm MAIN camera with BIG sensor and back changeable aperture...
Many people dont like ULTRA model, but wee need BIG sensor, please do it on main S model.

is ideal phone like S22 with 1" sensor 50mm F1.7-2.8 only one camera, with 3.5jack

and bring back the flash-card! it is needed not for speeds, but in order to store data immediately on the phone, and not lose them if it breakdown! many people do not have a permanent connection to the Internet, or do not want to use the clouds for security or private reasons. don't turn galaxy into garbage - Apple.

Im very SAD that nobody in support listen to this....

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Galaxy S22
This is just like contract negotiations. Once something (headphone jack, SD Card, etc} is deleted, chances are it will never be put back. I believe there are very few phones right now that offer one or the other or both.