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Forced to enable Airplane mode cause of battery issue?

(Topic created: 03-23-2024 04:29 AM)
Galaxy S22

As example on the Night the Phone has 94% no Airplande mode is on and 8-10 hours have passed. The battery drain goes up to 8-10%.

Then another instance 94% in the Night with Airplane mode on same time passing 8-10 hours but the battery drain is just 2-5%.

On the daytime the battery is fine and the configurations for less battery drain on settings is already done.

What exactly is the cause for it? There is nothing on the background working,everything is on deep standby no alarm on nothing.

Is there any other alternative for Airplane mode? Or do i have to disable something manually?

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Galaxy S22
It could be the apps you installed running in the background. It could be your reception is low which takes more battery to keep connections as well as background data being synced. There's a lot of factors which everyone different scenarios. Keep in mind your battery is also going into it's 3rd year.