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Galaxy S22 ultra white line beside camera cutout display issue

(Topic created: 12-08-2023 07:03 PM)
Arif rehman
Galaxy S22

My phone is Galaxy S22 ultra Us version... it's near about 1 year that i am using this phone.

I always used the phone with great



care, charged the phone in Air-conditioned room, always used in 60 hz, Never played games or used camera much as these tasks make the phone more warm, Never used fast charging option.

Inspite of doing all, my phone got the same issue as 90% s22 ultra users facing the same in Bangladesh, Display issue.

When i use in 60 hz, the display side beside camera cutout flicker when i unlock or reboot the phone. Rest of of the time it doesn't appear but display quality already got kinda yellow.

When i use in 120 hz, the display issue appears all the time.

I am looking for the solution.

It's completely unexpected from a renowned brand like Samsung....Shamefull.

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I suggest reaching out to your local Samsung Community for assistance.