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Gallery App - Requesting Option for Sound to be On Automatically for Video Playback

(Topic created: 01-19-2023 10:58 AM)
Cosmic Ray
Galaxy S22


I've been a long time Samsung user, since the S1 actually. A while back, I noticed the sound is off by default for video playback in the gallery. I tried to get used to this but it's not working out. Would it be possible for us to have an option for the sound to be on by default? I understand we can hit the unmute button in the bottom corner but I'd rather have it play the audio automatically. Besides, when I exit a video by swiping my fingers down on the video I'd have to hit the unmute again for the next video. I love every aspect of the Samsung gallery app but lately have been using Google photos app to get the sound to play automatically for videos. I don't think asking for us to have an option, to what I believe should be normal gallery type app behavior, is too much to ask for.


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