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(Topic created: 09-11-2023 12:29 PM)
Galaxy S22
SSL- Just a lot to explain.

Either I'm losing my ****, my devices take pleasure in making me mad or I've been hacked for sure. I was logged out of 1 of 2 Google accounts on my phone because "your session has expired". So, I went to log in again and after entering my password, my screen acted weird then tells me "a. n error has occurred" and to try again. I didn't attempt a 2nd try, but received an email, from a linked account, but figured it was a mistake. Now that' same account has been logged out of my laptop as well because it "timed out". After my password is entered it stalls, uncharacteristicly, then I'm prompted to use a 'recaptcha" to verify I'm not a robot. My password no longer works and my 2 steps are dependent, solely, on the other device to confirm now!!! I'm installing "System Mechanic" and "Malwarebytes" to check my devices!! Too many oddities for me to say oh well.

So, am I looking too far into this situation or was Mal/Spyware a good idea? I used to have 3 backup options per account before today. 
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