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How do I make nicknames show instead of actual names?

(Topic created: 04-03-2024 02:47 PM)
Galaxy S22
You can give a contact an actual name and a nickname. I want to make the nickname show up instead of the actual name, without putting the nickname in the actual name field. What do I do?
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Black Hole
Galaxy S22

After some rudimentary experimentation, I have determined that if you want to have the nickname show, you have to leave the first and last name fields blank and just enter the nickname and other details. The contact will show up in your list in alpha order by nickname and on your call screen. If you want to also have the first and last names show, put the nickname as the middle name in quotes. If you put the first and last names in and then add the nickname in the field, the nickname won't show, but you can search it when searching contacts. If you want only the nickname to show, but still want the name in there, you can put the nickname in the nickname field and put the real names in the notes field.

There may be another way, but I didn't find it.