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Improvements to Sound Staging(Software)

(Topic created: 09-28-2022 04:50 AM)
Galaxy S22
The Galaxy S22 Ultra is a great device. I'm coming from the S21 Ultra and one thing it seems this device doesn't compare on is the sound quality and sound staging. I'm not sure if this device is lacking a speaker or using different drivers of the sort, but you can definitely tell the difference in the sound quality on the S21 Ultra.

I'm wondering if there's a way that the staging can be changed on a level beyond what we have access to using the sound quality & control section to get rid of the tinniness, lack of low tones and separation that this device has compared to its predecessor.

Have you guys noticed this? Are you all experiencing the same? Is this something you all would want to see an improvement on? Feel free to share your feedback.

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Galaxy S22
Watch this video. Hardware DACs and software are the options...https://youtu.be/m_jPTzlZ-0o