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Is there a way to undo unfavorited pictures/videos?

(Topic created: 01-19-2023 04:23 PM)
Galaxy S22

Copied a large portion of my favorites in the gallery to copy over to a separate album but went to switch apps, swiping up on the bottom left of the screen and while swiping up and switching apps, the "unfavorite" option was tapped and the process began...closed out of the gallery app immediately to try and prevent it but the process ran anyway


Is there any way to undo this? Unfavorited over 1700 files and I've got over 100,000 total pictures/videos so it's not exactly feasible to just search and re-add them manually

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Galaxy S22
There might be a saved copy of it backup you can restore partially for just the gallery but it will do it if it has the option that is for all or none so it's a restore point if it's saved and if possible to select only galley but u may wanna fheck