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Issues with connecting to T7 SSD

(Topic created: 09-24-2023 01:35 PM)
Galaxy S22

I have no problems connecting my t7 SSD to either my chromebook or windows computer and being recognized.  Utilizing the same cable I can connect to my s22 ultra with no problems initially.  

So I will unmount my t7 ssd from my phone after using it and disconnect the cable.  but when I try connecting it back to the phone, my s22 does not see a usb connection.  

I can take the same drive and connect it to my chromebook and my chrome book sees the drive.  I then disconnect the same drive from my chrome book and into my phone and this time it is recognized.   I can easily search and look at files with no problem but once I unmount the drive from my phone and disconnect, I cannot recoginize the drive with out connecting it to either a chromebook or windows computer.

any ideas


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