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Overlay apps issue on DEX

(Topic created: 02-18-2024 12:20 PM)
Galaxy S22

Hi there! 

I faced with problem on my s22u in dex mode. There are some apps that I'm using for CPU activities analysis and temperature management. Those apps have a floating small windows where, for example, temperature is showing in compact view (sort of widgets).  So now when I run those apps the floating windows stick only on the smartfone home screen insted of being on the dex screen. I didn ´t find the way how to push them back. Earlyer ( before a couple of latest updates) everithing was working well in that matter. 
I tested several random appications from the play store with this floating windows feature, all of them have the same issue. 

I'm using those apps : "Device info" , "DevInfoOverlay"

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