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Phone off push notification issues

(Topic created: 09-18-2022 07:58 PM)
Galaxy S22
When my screen is off and locked, my s22 Ultra displays push notifications from apps by basically showing the notification as it would be if the phone is unlocked, with the only difference being that the only pixels that are lit are that of the notification. 

The real question arrises because my friend just set up his s22 ultra and he is unable to get the notifications to act this way. I had his basically copy my notifications settings perfectly, but he still only gets the vibration or sound but no visual notification when his phone is sitting off on his desk. 

I guess I ask because I wonder if this is a known bug? Or if there is something vital that he is missing. As far as I know, we have everthing the same between our two phones. But his won't act the same.

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Galaxy S22
Open Settings app

Tap Lock Screen

Be sure Notifications option is enabled

Now, tap on the LEFT side of that entry, as shown in my screenshot

The Lock screen Notifications details screen is shown

Adjust as required

(** Many folks don't know you can tap on the left side of a settings option to drill down for more details)