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Shortcuts Keep Disappearing From Homescreen

(Topic created: 12-06-2022 03:20 PM)
Galaxy S22

I have a month old samsung s22 and no matter what I do certain apps will not stay present on the homescreen. The apps are not disabled, I have taken hours and sometimes DAYS arranging them, done  complete backups, then restarted only to have them disappear again. I did a restore from the "properly arranged" back up, and everything comes up missing again. I restarted my launcher, cleared the caches from my game launcher and home launcher... and yes before you say it. I tried just restarting my phone. Nothing is working, and that says A LOT for basically, a 900 dollar glorified organizer.  Im reading tonnes of stories all over the web about this issue going all the way back to 2020. What is the solution for this? There's another post in regards to this happening to an S20, and I tried the pinned answer, along with dozens of others... and IT DOES NOT WORK. Anyone have any suggestions?




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Galaxy S22

I have been having the same very issue with my S20 and un the last 1.5 months all my shortcuts twice been deleted with the last issue that occured today. Nothing is helping.