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Sleep mode no longer working

(Topic created: 01-31-2023 09:31 PM)
Galaxy S22
I'm not sure why this post doesn't show up here, but as this EU community post calls out, Sleep Mode no longer works. 

It's like the phone is putting its own settings to sleep, because when you open the clock app it will often turn on Sleep Mode, but never by itself since the update.

This is ridiculous - please fix it! 

S22 Ultra

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Galaxy S22
Yes, I've had the same issue since last week. On Sunday, the Sleep Mode would start and then reverse itself in a loop forcing me to delete it. I honestly think the whole Modes/Routines system is messed up because Samsung is focused on the S23 launch.

Last week my phone was stuck on 2 different Modes, keeping me from using it. It restricted access to most of my apps and kept me from backing up the phone. Even after I had deleted the Modes off my phone and reset it 4 times, the issue continued.

I was able to get Support from Samsunf thru their website but they did nothing and could not fix the problem. Eventually I had to factory reset my phone.

Samsung's response was disappointing and they kept directing me to submit an error report after the fact. However whenever I did, their response was that I should have submitted error logs as the issue was occurring.

I'm not really sure how I was supposed to do the while a function they designed kept me from accessing Samsung Members during the whole issue
Galaxy S22
Same shifty problems on the Fold 3. Modes and Routines is completely broken. Sleep mode doesn't work consistently, and driving mode won't either because Bluetooth won't detect or connect to my car. All this was perfectly fine before the latest/ One UI 5 update.