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Videos not uploading on Whatsapp

(Topic created: 12-04-2022 03:08 AM)
Jurgen Van Niekerk
Galaxy S22

Hi Friends, 

So I am not sure how it happened, but about two weeks ago I could not upload videos to Whatsapp. After many many hours of trying to search youtube and trying to reset WhatsApp, I have found a fix. If you have tried clearing the Cache and force  Whatsapp to stop, and it still does not work, you need to open the Samsung Camera app, go to settings, and Reset the camera app to Factory default. Once you do this, you can record new videos and attach them to whatsapp. Any old videos that you have taken before you made the reset on the camera app will not upload to Whatsapp. You will see a difference when you are trying to upload the video file, the old affected file turns almost pixelated and dark. Once you reset your camera app, make new recordings and  when you try and upload the new video, its much clearer and not pixelated. (Just before you hit send). 

I must have set something within the Camera app that caused this to happen. 

I use a S22 ultra with the latest Software update and also a new updated whatsapp download. 

Hope this helps some of you in the rest of the Samsung world 








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Galaxy S22
Hi I read your posting, and used it on my Samsung fold 4 and reset the camera like you mentioned, I have not been able to send videos on WhatsApp since I got this phone more than a month ago. I was finally able to send videos on WhatsApp by resetting the camera on my phone. Thank you.