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Wifi Calling with dual sim

(Topic created: 06-27-2022 11:31 AM)
Galaxy S22

So I have a Galaxy S22 5G with two SIMs (T-Mobile physical, and Telstra eSim).

I'm in the US, and want to be able to use Wifi Calling on my Telstra phone (mainly to receive calls and SMS), also while having my T-Mobile SIM active for data

I've found that I can get Wifi Calling / SMS working correctly (both send/receive) on the Telstra SIM only when I turn off the T-Mobile SIM. Whenever the T-Mobile SIM is enabled, the Wifi Calling/SMS on the Telstra SIM ceases to function (even if I am connected to Wifi). To get it working, I have to disable the T-Mobile SIM and restart.

Has anyone encountered similar issues with getting Wifi Calling/SMS working when using dual SIM?  

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