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AOD default notification colors not functioning

(Topic created: 04-22-2024 05:12 PM)
Galaxy S23
The feature to change the notification icons on the AOD to their default colors is not functioning at all on my s23 after the 6.1 update. There is an option for it on the lockstar module from good lock but it doesn't do anything. They can all be changed to the same color, but that is not useful to me. I hope this can be fixed soon as I do not want all of my notifications on the AOD to be the same color. Note: I would also like my notifications on my lock screen to not be all the same color as well. The AOD is my main concern. It was so easy before the update to just look at the AOD notifications from afar and know which type they were (email, txt, screenshot, etc) by their color. They also used to be bigger. Please, please, please fix this. Please!!! It's already messed up that I have to download a seperate app just to manually control the brightness of my AOD. I shouldn't have to do that on a high-end flagship phone.

Btw, the moderators removed my first post because they said an acceptable solution had been found to my issues. They provided me with a link to a forum that supposedly had a solution to my problems, however the link provided DID NOT have any solutions to my AOD issues! I read the whole thread. That link is more about the screen vividness slider not being accessible. There are a very small number of other posts complaining about the exact same issues with their AOD that I'm experiencing, but there are absolutely no solutions to this issue. Please don't erase my post again unnecessarily, I am providing important insight and feedback and would appreciate an answer or better yet a solution that works. 

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