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App icons randomly disappear

(Topic created: 04-19-2024 03:06 AM)
Galaxy S23
I see other posts like this and the responses are literally like some AI generated generic Factory reboot check settings blah blah blah. Still don't answer the question of why in every one of my Samsung phones going back to the Samsung S3 randomly app icons just disappear. They will be there for years and then suddenly just gone so no I didn't go hide it in my settings. There has to be a reason this happens can someone answer in other than an AI response that says check settings check to see if it has been hidden or to do a factory reboot?
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Galaxy S23

If you see responses that seem to be repetitive, it's because they are basic troubleshooting steps, that many people don't bother to take/don't know to take, not because it is AI generated.  All the responses here are made by humans, fellow users like yourself--and, sometimes, even a Samsung representative. If they seem worded the same way, it's because many problems require the same troubleshooting steps, and most of us just copy & paste the instructions, rather than typing them out each time. After basic troubleshooting steps have been taken, responses tend to be more individualized.

Also, it is really hard to help someone troubleshoot, when we a) don't/never have had that problem and b) cannot replicate it.  Some mysteries just have to be solved by trial and error, as frustrating as that may be.