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Awful New Feature with No Way to Turn It Off

(Topic created: 2 weeks ago)
Galaxy S23

All of a sudden in the middle of watching a video, my phone started displaying this extremely annoying new feature, where based on which way I rotated the device, the sound for my video would start coming out of the top or bottom speaker of the phone only. However, it is switching to whatever speaker is pointed away from me based on the direction of the phone. The only way this feature would be helpful is if the user is always watching videos with the phone to the right of them. You are trapping the user to only ever have the phone in one position relative to their body. The way my house is set up my phone usually has to be set to the left when I'm listening to music or videos while doing daily tasks. This is happening with every single video-playing app, so I know it's the phone itself. I went through every single setting I could find on the phone, tried searching, etc. And there appears to be no way to turn this stupid new feature off. Whoever thought this was a good idea, find a new job. It made so much more sense for the user to be able to turn their phone whatever way was needed based on where the sound was coming from. Now the sound is literally running away from me as I turn my phone. Samsung, it said this forum was where to post feedback, so PLEASE, I am begging you to get rid of this feature ASAP or at least give users a way to turn it off. And it started happening in the middle of a video after never having happened ever before? How does that even work? Please don't spring unhelpful changes on users like that and hold them hostage. Complete bust.

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