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Bluetooth printer stopped working with UI Update.

(Topic created: 12-06-2023 08:06 AM)
Galaxy S23
I work a route job and need my phone to be capable of printing invoices to my bluetooth printer... which it did perfectly well until a forced update happened. I printed an invoice and as soon as the print completed, my phone began an update. As soon as I was able to open the app again (simplifi) I tried to print a copy of the invoice and it gave me an error message. Anyone else have this problem per chance or found a fix for it?
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Galaxy S23

Welcome to the Samsung Member's Community and thank you for your question regarding your Samsung Galaxy S23.

Let's see if we can get the issue with your Samsung Galaxy S23 not printing properly working again.

You can also search for a System Application called "Print Spooler"

Tap "Clear Cache" in Application Info of "Print Spoiler"

1. Please Tap "Application Info" on Simplifi and try Clearing the Cache NOT "Delete Application Data!"

I've attached two screenshots with steps to get your Samsung Galaxy S23 printing again. Please reply with the status of your issue after you've tried my suggestions. I'd like to continue working with you until we get it fixed. Thank you!1701885955232.jpg1701885955234.jpg