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Completely Blocking Internet Access for Apps on Galaxy S23 Ultra

(Topic created: 09-10-2023 08:09 PM)
Galaxy S23

I want to completely disable internet access for certain apps on my Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra to ensure they are not secretly sending any of my data off my device. How can I fully prevent specific apps from using any internet connectivity whatsoever?

I have concerns about a few apps potentially engaging in malicious background data transmission without my knowledge. While I still want to keep the apps installed for offline use, I want to be absolutely certain they have no way of accessing the internet to leak out my personal information or files.

What are the best and most foolproof methods the S23 Ultra provides in its software to completely block an app from transmitting data over mobile data or WiFi? Please advise the step-by-step procedures to totally cut off apps from any internet access. Thank you!

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Galaxy S23

The latest Android OS version does indeed provide options to control certain apps' internet access, such as Mobile Data & Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Only, and Mobile Data Only settings. However, it's essential to note that these options may not completely block an app from accessing the internet, as they can still find ways to use connectivity in certain circumstances.


For a more foolproof method to ensure that specific apps have absolutely no internet access, you might need to consider third-party apps or advanced firewall settings. These applications can provide more granular control over app permissions and help prevent any unwanted data transmission.


Remember to exercise caution when using third-party apps and ensure they come from trusted sources to protect your device's security.