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Contact Relationships have broken

(Topic created: 02-08-2024 08:59 PM)
Galaxy S23

I'm running One UI 6.0 on an S23-Ultra using Android 14.

I have over 1000 contacts defined.
Most of the contacts have "Types" or "Descriptions" for each
of the phone numbers and email addresses within a contact.
Many of the contacts have "relationships" defined to other contacts.

Recently all the "descriptions" on the phone numbers and emails
went away. In addition, I can no longer click on the name part
of a relationship to go to the related contact.

Fortunately I have a fairly recent export of all my contacts.

I also sync my contacts with Google (there are no "phone" contacts).
Sooooooo, I was able to use the Google API for contacts together
with a previously exported .VCF file to put all the "descriptions"
back on the phone numbers and email addresses.

However, I can't find any automatic way to get the contact
program on phone to "re-establish" the links on all the
relationships. I can do each one by hand by doing the following:

1. Edit the contact
2. Select the "name" field of a relationship
3. Delete the last letter of the name. This causes the contact
program to pop up a list of contacts that match that name.
4. Select the appropriate contact.
5. Repeat steps 2-4 for each relationship
6. Repeat steps 1-5 for all 1000 contacts !!!!

[ That ain't gonna happen 😞 😞 ]

After fixing the relationships on a contact as described above
I can then click on the name part of a relationship and it
will take me to that other contact.

So the problem is that I need a way to get these relationships

Again, using the Google API, I wrote some code that went and
added an extra "_" to the name part of each relation ship.
After doing a SYNC with the phone, I took the extra "_" off
again from each relationship. Then I did another SYNC with
the phone. My theory was that changing the person name
might cause the contacts program on the phone to re-establish
the link. But it did not work ....

I also deleted all my contacts from the phone and reloaded
them from the exported .VCF file. But again, that did not
cause the "hotness" of the links to be re-established.

So what I'm looking for here is some way to trick/persuade
the contacts program on the phone to re-establish those
links. I'm sure I could do it by writing code to run on
Android (as opposed to the Perl script that I wrote to
do the Google stuff), but developing an Android App to
fix this seems like a LOT of work !!!

Anyone have any Ideas ?????


p.s. If you want to see this problem ...

1. Select some contact
2. Add a relationship (for example use "child")
3. Type in the name of another contact
4. Save your change
5. Verify that you can now click on the name in
the child relationship that you created and
that it takes you to that other contact.
6. Now go back to the original contact
7. Edit it again
8. Add a "_" to the end of the contact named in the
relationship, then hit save
9. Edit it again
10. Remove the "_" that you put on the end of the
name and hit <save>. Do NOT select the
contact name that pops up; just hit save.
11. Now click on the contact name in the relationship
again and notice that the "hotness" doesn't
work (it does not go to the named contact).



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Galaxy S23

Crickets ....... 😞 😞

Galaxy S23
I too am disappointed relationships not working.