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Google Assistant Button on LG HBS XL7 not activating Google Assistant

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Galaxy S23

Would like to have a success story.  After connecting via bluetooth a LG HBS XL7 headset to a Samsung Galaxy S23, the Google Assistant Button on the headset will not activate the functioning google assistant on the phone.   Instead a message says "The Google Assistant is not connected."  All I want is to be able to press this butting and make a phone call.

Did all sorts of trouble shooting.

* Forgot headset and tried to reconnect hoping to get a prompt to connect GA, no luck, no prompt.

* Initiated "Hey Google" (which I think is creepy), but did it anyway . .  all the steps with voice recognition.  No luck.

* Read the all the steps to hook it up.  No luck. 

* Tried to find some success stories, found none.



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