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Has anyone had an issue with wifi calling?

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Galaxy S23
Sometimes it works, other times not. And it won't even show up in the settings. It's the weirdest thing I've ever seen.
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Cosmic Ray
Galaxy S23

I have also experienced intermittent availability of the wifi calling feature.  I have very reliable home wifi that basically my whole house is connected to , multiple computers, gaming consoles, lighting in every room, thermostat, smart plugs, stereos, echos, smart screens and several mobile phones. None of my other devices ever experience issues or lose connection. I have the s22 ultra and frequently have issues with the wifi on my device including the calling feature. Most often experienced in the form of dropped calls while on a wifi call. Additionally my phone struggles to toggle between wifi and mobile data.  Previous devices would have no issue switching between the two and relying on the mobile data for times when wifi is weak or congested or no longer available. Frequently when leaving my house once I get about a block away my phone loses all data connectivity and will refuse to connect to mobile data once I am no longer in range of my wifi. The only solution I have been able to rely on is toggling airplane mode for a few moments . When I disable  airplane mode magically my phone connects to the network.  I have also noticed that several times a day there will be a notification that wifi calling has been updated or configured.