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Internet dropping randomly

(Topic created: 11-27-2023 11:28 AM)
Galaxy S23
I just got my S23 Ultra and it was working perfectly fine until recently I stopped getting internet when I'm inside my friends home and certain spots of town. This was never an issue before. I'm currently in a different city and also experiencing internet loss so, its not secluded to just my town. My friends all have Verizon and are receiving internet service on their phones while in their home. Also, my phone will not connect to her WIFI even after restarting the router. Other devices around the home will connect to the WIFI except my phone. When I am connected to the WIFI, my phone shows "connected without internet". I have done all I can think of from resetting the router, resetting my connection settings, turn off/on phone. 

I found that whenever I turn on/ off airplane mode, I will get internet but it lasts about 10 seconds. 

Is anyone else experiencing this? 
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Galaxy S23
I have a similar issue, however its not wifi for me, but data. I have unlimited data, and after one ui 6, I can not use my phone in public when not connected to a wifi source
Galaxy S23
I have this exact issue. Been working perfectly since launch. Now updated to ui 6 and after connecting to wifi my phone will never connect back to mobile data. Also found that I cannot use certain menu items under connections. I can't access the access points etc.

The only way to get mobile data back is to restart the phone.