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One 6.1 animation stutter and lag on s23fe

(Topic created: 3 weeks ago)
Galaxy S23
I got the s23 fe and when I updated it to one ui 6.0, the animations were horribly laggy and made the phone feel like a cheap 200 dollar phone. I was hoping that this would be alleviated with the one ui 6.1 update, but the animations are still just as stuttery as they were with one ui 6.0. Bad animation stutters with everyday tasks like scrolling social media, switching apps, and swiping down on the notification bar. I've already tried wiped cache partitions, reset settings, and even a full factory reset on my phone but nothing seems to provide the smooth one ui experience I was expecting. I've also noticed that the battery drains very quickly when I'm outside of my house. Around 4-5 hours SOT max. But i get a good 8 hours SOT at my house. I've tried force LTE to limit my data from 5g to 4glte but the battery still drains fast.
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