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Overheating Causing the Battery to Drain Fast

(Topic created: 04-10-2024 05:09 AM)
Galaxy S23

After the last update my S23 ultra is getting hot every time I use any streaming app or apps for a while. And I think the battery goes out faster.

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Community Manager
Community Manager
Galaxy S23

Thank you for bringing this concern to our attention. To help customers optimize their battery usage. We recommend performing the following steps in the link below.

It is possible that optimizing your apps may not be a total fix. If you are still experiencing this symptom. The update may have affected 3rd party apps. If that is the case. Try to delete the data and cache from the Data Restore Tool and the Google Play services app, then also delete work profile account and restart the phone. The steps are down below.

1) Settings > Apps > tap Sort by (Filter and sort( > enable 'Show system apps' > tap 'OK' to apply

2) Settings > Apps > Data Restore Tool > Storage > tap Clear data/Clear cache

3) Settings > Apps > Google Play services > Storage > tap Clear data/Clear cache

4) Delete work profile account (delete account registered in Intune Company Portal app)

- Settings > Accounts and backup > Manage accounts > delete the account or go to Intune Company Portal app > log out the account

5) Restart phone