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Paying for care on my s23 already plagued with issues

(Topic created: 04-09-2024 05:10 PM)
Galaxy S23
I probably will laugh when I finish this post. I'm on my second s23 since November. This one I got in January. Same issues only slightly less often. (That's debatable) plus a new one. I completely flipped out when I noticed a hairline crack on the phone yesterday. Never in all these years have I had had a crack. Text support suggested I take it in for a diagnostic evaluation which I did.I called Samsung to get the findings. lovely conversation .Couldn't understand half of what he said And then he said go get a diagnostic report! At that point I was over it. that's .That was two weeks ago
 I still haven't dealt with that yet. I went to the Samsung cares. $99 a year. so I'm gonna pay for service to fix a phone that I already know has issues and. It's gonna be constantly needing repair. I don't know, I'm at a loss. And I doubt seriously.I will ever get another samsung galaxy phone. 
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