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Qualcomm Aptx HD Code, please add so we can have Lossless Audio

(Topic created: 03-30-2023 03:16 AM)
Cosmic Ray
Galaxy S23


I would like to respectfully ask Samsung add Qualcomm Aptx HD codec please. Most earbuds and headphones are Aptx HD and you already have the Snapdragon Cpu's in you phone to enable it. Its just free software. It will allow for Lossless audio. Even if I had to pay to add it, I would. Currently SBC codec is  slow at 384 kbps. LDAC is awesome at almost 1Mbps, but only Sony an no Windows support. I would like to get a earbuds that work on both Windows and my S23 ultra please.  Also its 3am here, sorry for the typos. Please I would gladly pay for an add on. I want to also be able to buy one set of earbuds and it supports APTx HD on Samsung and Windows, Thank you.

I own Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro 2 and Sony WF-1000XM4 (The sony's LDAC does not support Windows, so no High res audio) There are several arti below saying. Sorry I am tired please forgive the typos. 

Links to Articles showing its free





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