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S23 Ultra Vibration not working

(Topic created: 09-26-2023 12:49 PM)
Galaxy S23

Hello, My phone stopped vibrating completely.

It started first with a low vibration and little by little the vibration kept fading until it is gone completely. I have tested the *#0*# vibration button, also the diagnostics on the members app and none of them make the phone vibrate. I even tried on safe mode and followed this guide and tested all the steps, but no vibration at all. Is there something else that I can check or what would be the next step? I bought it in May and it just about a month ago this problem started and now it is no longer vibrating.

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Galaxy S23
Have you attempted factory resetting and then restoring from a backup? Vibrations not happening while performing Phone diagnostics tests, or Safe Mode, is generally not a good sign. If this issue persists after resetting, I highly recommend taking your phone to a Samsung authorized service center like uBreakiFix to have them evaluate this for you. Diagnostics with them are usually free.