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S23 fe review

(Topic created: 05-24-2024 02:25 PM)
Galaxy S23
I bought the new s23 FE back at the very end of January and now its almost June. I have had issues with it since the day I bought it NEW. The battery is awful, the phone lags, it heats up, and gets so hot that it stops working. I can have it plugged in (to a regular charger) and it will heat up rapidly and stop charging. Not only is this phone awful, but I've had a broken a13 4g, a35, and a13 5g in the past and they were all new. Nothing about this phone is good and im so sick of samsungs phones. Also my year old galaxy buds are losing sound quality and sound like the sound is coming from a tin can even after being cleaned regularly and carefully used. This phone and the galaxy buds were expensive enough that they should not be like this let alone the fact that they shouldn't be this way even if they are cheap like the other phones. The only good phone imo was the s9. I can leave home at 6:45 at 100% and get home at 2:45 with 10% or less and that's if I barely use it during the day. If I use it more than 30 min of that time then it will be dead when I get home. The phone store said it was broken and agreed with me and then I went to ubreakifix and they reset it and was like "this is all good now" but when I picked it up, after them needing it for A WEEK after saying it would take 2 days, it was no better. Atp I'm thinking of switching to iPhone. 
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