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S23ULTRA scrolling dead spot.

(Topic created: 02-22-2024 03:00 PM)
Galaxy S23
We have 2 s23ultras and both have issues scrolling especially on Amazon and YouTube. If you swipe up to scroll nothing happens. You have to touch the upper portion of the screen to scroll. The lower part of the screen doesn't respond to swiping to scroll. It's intermittent, but very annoying. I sure hope one UI 6.1 fixes this. ( If we ever get it) Hopefully goodlocks home up will get the vertical app drawer back. These phones can do so much, but the common basic features are being overlooked. 
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Galaxy S23
Mines doing the same thing I thought it was my screen and no some crazy thing is happening to we're sometimes my volume has a mind of its own and will set it self at a higher volume even if I ha e it muted it will have volume on a video and I have to turn it back down idk but these updates gotta be messing the phones up